Counter Drone

About Us

Counter Drone is developing fully autonomous flying robots for security and safety of life applications. Our target markets are anywhere that effective security requires speed and mobility over large distances, 24/7. Our drones can respond to an intrusion faster than a security guard can, and aren’t limited by obstacles on the ground.

The Counter Drone system is a turnkey solution that integrates into existing security infrastructure (such as a video surveillance system). Upon queuing of a potential trespasser by the camera system, the drone launches from it’s weatherproof enclosure and proceeds to the area of interest while transmitting a live video stream to the subscribers cell phone. The flying security guard can also transmit a message over a loudspeaker, and illuminate the area with a spotlight. The drone can identify and follow a human intruder while avoiding obstacles such as trees and street lights.

The system can also launch at predetermined (or random) times and patrol a defined space, transmitting a real time video feed to subscribers apps.  Launch and recovery of the drone is fully autonomous and the craft charge wirelessly while in their weatherproof enclosures. There is no end user maintenance required as the system will report any faults to Counter Drone directly.