The First Drone-Agnostic, Multi-UAV Docking Station
Configurable for the broadest range of autonomous operations

Turnkey Deployments


The OmniDockTM is a configurable drone-agnostic weatherproof and climate controlled charging station for your drone(s).


OmniDockTM is drone agnostic. We are constantly integrating new existing and custom drones via swappable charging floors. If your drone fits in the dock, we can integrate it.


Counterdrone systems are designed with integration in mind, playing nice with your existing systems and infrastructure.

Product Philosophy

All systems are not created equal. The last thing you want is expensive proprietary drones on the edge of obsolescence housed in clunky rectangular enclosures that are only compatible with one type of drone. Most enclosures are rectangular—the doors swing wide, which requires a larger footprint and increases the likelihood of colliding with obstacles. 

Counterdrone deploys a trademark dome-shaped enclosure with support for two drones. You’ve got redundancy without risky battery swaps or down time. Configurable floors allow the charging and housing of most types of drone: tailsitters, tethered drones, large drones like the DJI Matrice series, or two DJI Mavic-sized drones (or three DJI Mavic Air-sized drones).

Peace of Mind

The system can launch at predetermined (or random) times and patrol a defined space all while transmitting a real-time video feed.  Launch and landing is fully autonomous and the drones charge wirelessly inside the OmniDock weatherproof enclosure. There is no end user maintenance required as the system will report any faults to Counterdrone directly.

The OmniDock

Its signature hemispheric shape provides superior wind and weather resistance while requiring the least amount of space—maintaining a consistent footprint open or closed.

OmniDocks are designed with configurable floors and can house one large drone or two smaller drones giving you twice the missions, redundancy, and threat response. They can even accommodate cable/winch systems for tethered drones. 

The OmniDock is drone agnostic and will accommodate most commercial drones, making it the perfect choice if you already own drones, or have custom aircraft designed for your specific mission-set.

Aerhawk Drone

CD AerHawk Drones

Drone technology moves fast.

Proprietary drones can be outdated by the time they are deployed. Our AerHawk Drones are built from non-proprietary, state-of-the-art, and readily available components.

You’re in control of your system, not us.

Drones can land in any CounterDome, and AerHawk UAVs are capable of carrying both loudspeaker and floodlight attachments in addition to the on-board camera.

Mobile Applications

This makes them suitable for rooftop, remote, or mobile (truck bed) operation, requiring only power and WiFi or cellular Internet access. (Solar and satellite options coming soon.)

Counterdrone offers the most flexible solutions for all types of autonomous applications.

mobile docking station in pickup bed
Milestone Xprotect Security Integration


CounterDrone’s cloud-based software lives entirely in the cloud, meaning you can monitor surveillance feeds from anywhere.

Our systems are designed to integrate with most major security suites such as Milestone or Avigilon.

Sophisticated AI extracts key information from the video feed. Is an intruder armed? Are your facilities operating correctly?

Like our drones, our software is open source. We’re completely transparent and you always have the option of extending the code base with your own team.

You are in control.


In the very near future, drones will be an essential component of every security system. Drones can already respond faster than a security guard. They provide a rapid autonomous response, can cover large distances, are available 24/7, and seamlessly plug into your existing security system.The flying security guard can broadcast a message over a loudspeaker and illuminate the area with a floodlight. The drone can identify and follow a human intruder while avoiding obstacles such as trees and street lights.

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